by Lugia319
Finally a pet sim
Pet simulation. Working on it at work where I can't bring my 3DS :(

Updates whenever I want but it'll probably be weekly since I work Friday/Saturday nights. If anyone cares

Bear in mind that this game hasn't been tested. IT WILL BE CRAP. But if you're invested and you'd like to see something added to the game (or fixed in the game) go to the forums and post about it and I'll get on it ASAP
Before EmpirezTeam comes on, there's a special code you can enter to get the frog >=D

Note: Frog not actually different from other pets in terms of base stats
Note Note: Base stats not actually important at this time.
Base stats have been unique-ified. Frog is now important if you want a tough fighter.
I've begun streaming some programming when I work on BreederMon at home. Right now I'm a couple of versions behind (the current version is on my school drive) so I'll only be working on the framework for the next update.

I can't check the quality and do stuff at the same time so you'll have to tell me if it's no good.
Holy smokes the download number spike. I'm not entirely sure I added the most recent update either, so it's probably bad.
Oh snap, people actually fanned this game? I might have to work on it sometime.