Game Of Thrones Board Game - Online

by Ease
A recreation of the Game Of Thrones Board Game
This game is close to completion!

Order tokens, scoreboard, lobby, piece movement, map movement, all complete.
Just battles and end-of-turn cards to be done.
Movement is now working:

There was a small bug (featured in this gif) where the Saltshore remains highlighted after the move is complete - this has been fixed, and was stupidly caused by Saltshore being in its own list of neighbours.
Hyped for this game! Glad to see you're working on it again!
Just realised it's been two years! Holy moly! Well work is progressing nearly daily now (every lunchtime at work, but not at weekends) so it should come along quickly now.
I'm still hyped to play this, btw
How's it looking, amigo?