Hi guys, i need help.

What is your opinion about my weather graphics ? is that good ? If no, how can I improve ?

Snow :

Rain :

The game looks pretty amazing to me very sexy! Is the water that hits the screen animated? Like does it hit the screen and fall off and so on? And is this made with BYOND? If so thats freakin amazing.
Good idea about the water, I will definitely work on that !

This is the actual gameplay, and it is made on byond. The screenshots were taken using F2 shortcut on dreammaker:D
No lag problem at all? Looks like the game is 3D thought it would cause some problems BYOND. Defiantly if you plan for this to be an MMO style game.
On the tests we didn't notice any lag.

It will be a pvp battle arena game.
Ah looking forward to it!