419.985 (Notes)

Another very minor update. We'll try to release fixes relatively frequently, now that we have a good update mechanism in place.
420.986 (Notes)

Yet another minor update. The main thing here is that the pager-based game/demo/library updates ("You've got updates!") were broken in a few releases ago. This meant that most of lib and myhub files were not updating to the newer versions. You might want to uninstall and redownload any such updates you applied in the last few weeks.
421.990 (Notes)

We had a bunch of issues with the shortly lived 421.989. Hopefully this one is more stable, but please let us know if you have trouble with the new login system or anything else.
422.991 (Notes)

Some bug fixes for 421.
423.992 (Notes)

More fixes. There are still a few known bugs left so we'll have at least one more release next week before moving onto new features.
424.993 (Notes)

More fixes. Getting stable?
425.994 (Notes)

Some fixes and a nicer startup interface.
426.996 (Notes)

Minor release with a few fixes. It's looking stable so new features forthcoming!
427.997 (Notes)

More fixes. Plz B stable!
428.998 (Notes)

More fixes, more features. Some big stuff on the way... hopefully!
429.999 (Notes)

Last round of minor stuff, hopefully.
430.1005 (Notes)

Lots of new stuff, as posted in F&F over the last two months. Enjoy!
431.1006 (Notes)

Just a few fixes for 430, and our official "4.0 Public" release (woo hoo).
433.1009 (Notes)

The main feature here is the increase of longstanding limits on the amounts of strings, lists, objects, and other DM constructs that could be present in the world. Because this is a significant internal change, we want to get in a bit more testing before uploading this to the hub; just install the release from the link above if you'd like to be a part of that (as mentioned in the notes, be aware that any testers of your games hosted in 433 will also need 433). If everything seems stable, we'll make it fully public shortly.
434.1010 (Notes)

Version 433 had some issues, so this is (hopefully) a stable patch release. We'll take this one public if that proves to be the case. Try it out!
435.1011 (Notes)

"Public" release of 433/434.
436.1012 (Notes)

A bunch of minor-ish bug fixes and a couple of new features.
437.1013 (Notes)

This update fixes a few bugs and introduces a neat new feature: the ability to store and display "scores" and "medals" at the BYOND hub. Consult the Guide To Scores & Medals for more information.
438.1014 (Notes)

A few more fixes and some new Medal features.
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