514.1559 (Notes)

A couple of regressions slipped through. Even though we didn't need a new Linux release, I put one up anyway.
514.1560 (Notes)

Yet another issue got through and it did affect the server, and apparently also the pager.
514.1561 (Notes)

Another quick client fix for an intermittent issue as a result of the input lag fix. No Linux release this time.
514.1562 (Notes)

Finally 514 is in the stable release channel! Work on 515 begins in earnest!

This release fixes a number of small issues and some rather big ones, like finally dealing with the timing problem where clients under stress stopped responding to input properly and often had mouse lag. Also there's a big animation fix in here that deals with a bit of an unusual case.
514.1563 (Notes)

Yikes! Some horrific issues with animate() including hangs and crashers snuck through testing. Multiple problems were observed and dealt with in this release.
514.1564 (Notes)

Still more fixes needed to be done for animations. Things are looking the way they should now.
514.1565 (Notes)

One last crasher was hiding in the server code from the animation changes, but it was a subtle piece of work that was highly intermittent. Thanks to all the guys on coderbus who helped steer things in the right direction.
514.1566 (Notes)

Hopefully this is the last maintenance release pertaining to animation for a while. A number of small issues have been resolved, plus a nasty but very rare server hang, and a crash on clients connecting to slightly older 514 servers.
514.1567 (Notes)

A few bug fixes were piling up, so it's time for another maintenance release. Work on BYOND 515 continues.
514.1568 (Notes)

Doh! A major issue snuck in past testing. To make a long story short, objs and mobs initialized the particles var in between a bunch of visual contents vars that got grouped together, so the initialization accidentally got lost, resulting in junk data. This in turn led to some datums deallocating unexpectedly, especially in big projects. The telltale was a series of bad DecRefCount() calls in the world log.
514.1569 (Notes)

It's time for another maintenance release, since the bug fixes were stacking up. Quite a few little issues are dealt with in this one.
514.1570 (Notes)

It's been a while since the last maintenance release and there are some important fixes in this mix. 515 is still moving forward.
514.1571 (Notes)

Eek! A nasty crasher snuck in past testing, since it only happened in certain situations. This release fixes the issue.
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