Indie programmer Ben Aksoy is developing this sweet game. I find it really addicting - the unofficial tagline all over the internet is "Minecraft with guns," which is pretty much all you need to know :)
I am addicted to this game now x_x Damn you Magicsofa for showing it to me!
I've never played minecraft, nor do I know what it is (At all, period, dot, no clue, I just know it has 3D pixels/boxes and isn't big on detailed art) but this sounds epic I downloaded =0
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Omg... I've been up playing it for 4 hours straight T_T
System Requirements:

Your grandmotherís rig can run this game

I need your password i forgot it send it over Kumo site cuz i forgot btw its Kaguya Deathspirit and its for Nara sjnuis just reminding