Ok so...I am the Owner (Programmer) of the Game called Naruto the Final Battle, this is a game that was created 2-3 years ago, and I have been slowly working on it...It is Izou based, however, the Base icon is one that is used in some izou games (for players of it, it was first used in Naruto Ura Renge, another Izou rip) however, there are about 2-3 years worth of updates to the icons, along with some great work in there, the Icons were one of the main reasons players would come...

I've been checking lately because I've been warned that some games have got ahold of my icons...It wouldnt be a problem if it was just the base, however, he is using ALL of the icons that was in my source about 2-5 Months ago (I took a break from it for quite a while but its still somewhat recent.) Anyways, the owner is a person that I helped when he was having problems with programming...(*edit* dumb me) I came on, got pissed the hell off, and demanded that he tell me what *edit* he was doing...he clamed that all the icons in use, were HIS, and that he Iconned all of them...however, I know for a fact that my current Iconner has iconned all of it, I called him out on that, and he said I was a *edit*, told the players not the listen to me, and banned me...anyways, I would like to ask if there is a way to take a reactive step agaisnt him or his game... NarutoBlindSpotoftheSouls Thats his game

If this is in the wrong spot Im sorry.

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Nothing you can do. Your game was a rip anyway, but that isn't going to cloud my judgment. If the art is good enough, people will know who really made it.
People can always extract your graphics if they can access your .rsc file. So there is nothing you can do.
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OrdinaryOrangutan wrote:
People can always extract your graphics if they can access your .rsc file. So there is nothing you can do.

Before this heads off on a tangent of "OMG HOW I PROTECT RSC?!?!", I will say that a more accurate statement is:

People can always extract your graphics if they can see them. So there is nothing you can do.
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Thanks Vic, and yeah, the pride of the game is on the Art :/ Also, I now know that it was Darkwizards rsc. extracter (Not promoting) that was used, however they would have to have the Hosting files...I know its may fault but...geez...anyways, my Iconner is cool with it, I figured he would flip out a bit more, but...anyways, Thanks guys. Also, the point of this was I know that there isnt anything like rsc protection, however, I wanted to know if there was a way to report it or something...oh well, guess not.
Icons get stolen all the time and frankly you can only make so many kinds of grass. But dude heres my advise. Update the heck outa your game and CRUSH him
Answer: There is nothing you can do to prevent people from taking your icons, and it's laughable to take such matters to court.
Conclusion: Ignore it. People who steal icons generally do not have the ability to make a whole game out of it, and even if they do, the fact they're using your icons will put players off from joining him (unless they're in the Stargate community of BYOND, or your game was bad enough to begin with, or both).