I Made A Dungeon!

by Hedgemistress
Rogue-like action! Child-like graphics!
I Made A Dungeon! is a simple retro rogue-like, created so I could play with dynamic map generation and BYOND's limits. Right now it's little more than a dungeon maze with random monsters and simple action combat controls (WASD to move, arrow keys to attack), though I think there's potential for a decent game.

I threw up a late night test server last night and had 2-3 people dropping in. For anyone who wants to check it out, I'm going to be leaving it up.
Okay, I've reloaded it with character customization (visual only) and some consistency checks to try to make deaths stick.
It is a nice surprise to see you posting again, and I say this with confidence that many of us from the BYOND days of yesteryear are happy for your return to game development. We look forward to sharing your games with future generations.

In fact, you've inspired me to look at BYOND again, especially with the recent browser-based focus.

And I still have a few dedicated servers peppered across the globe and across the apartment, available for free game hosting should you ever need it.

With some recently acquired free-time, I am happy to help out in testing when-ever I can.

*the digitalmouse blows the dust off his copy of the Blue book, gently turning the sun-stained pages of the tome as he refreshes his memory of DM syntax.*
Digi, you're making me nostalgic. I wish I still had my old blue book!