I Made A Dungeon!

by Hedgemistress
Rogue-like action! Child-like graphics!
I'm trying to add more variety to the monsters in the game, though with my limited graphical resources my options are similarly limited. It's faster to add new variations on the ones I have. For instance, different classes of skeletons and goblins. But I have to make each new monster actually distinct in behavior, abilities, and appearance, or else it's not actually variety at all.

Here's a good example of such variation in action:

Those who've run into a dragon in the dungeon before will recognize this as a smaller, wingless version of it. It's an immature dragon. I'll probably make a hatchling dragon that's player-sized.

I've screen capped it while it's using dragon's three-direction fire attack. The immature dragon only does this some of the time, using it as a rare alternative to normal unarmed attacks and single fireball attacks.

The other thing this screenshot shows is that your equipment is now reflected on your character's icon. When I showed the game in person yesterday, my test audience's favorite thing was the character appearance customization, so I decided to go a little further with it. Not only do your handheld items appear on your icon, but the mouths are now animated. But rather than choosing a single mouth and then having it move on a fixed track like the eyes do, you pick up to three mouth icons to create a "mood set" that your character will wibble between.

I think the next step in character customization evolution is going to be the ability to choose a "serious face" to be adopted when in combat or spellcasting, and a "happy face" for when you get something good.
This is looking pretty good! :)