by Rod5
This is War. No kids allowed.
is this still naruto?
technically no but it is highly influenced by it
why has the game been down?
Well currently the game is under some heavy devleopement. As well as I'm trying a advertising method of building hype. And being the rise in controversy for the game and raise in Fans, it has been going well. In that when the game does come up it can be enjoyed on all cylinders with the proper amount of players.

And if you arent aware, the game will be up Sunday 6-13-15 till tuesday 6-15-15. Make sure you stay fanned to keep up with the hype tho :D
The game is now up and will be up for the next 2 day sin that to test out the new features added so far. A tinychat will also be thrown in the mix of things
The game is indeed still in progress, 2 clans to be released hopefully a week after next month. Just alot of pixel art has to be done, as well as polishinbg. Some tears will be released later on the official fourms.
So yea.. this game I feel like is going to be the Heroes United of Naruto games (instead of dbz related) like 5 years ago... which in other words means this game is going to be bad ass, bring in a lot of traffic too byond... and last another 5 years and still be kind of awesome. I love the media i'd love to try the game. Please hmu for beta testing.
So, the game isn't done, naturally. But on the road of the game being updated and touched up on I've decided to do some live streaming of the game in that to be open to questions and such about the game. There will be open times to play it, only when I'm live streaming though.
Where is the discord??