So I haven't been very active lately..

And someone bought me a membership!

(thank you very much random person on the internet)

Additionally, the steam summer sale happened! And as usual, GabeN has robbed the majority of America with his gift of digital glory.

"Our Gaben,
Who art in Valve, Hallowed by thy name.
Thy Half-Life 3 come, thy puchase will be done,
Online as it is in offline.
Give us this day our daily deals,
and forgive us our guest passes,
as we forgive those who guest pass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from Origin.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
forever and ever.


So anyway, I haven't been doing jack sh*t around here..but I have noticed that there are a bunch of rips running around BYOND lately. - literally of worse quality than 3 years ago. You would at least think that the RIPs would improve in quality over time..but they somehow managed to get worse x.x (at lease in my opinion)

There is also a bunch of hype surrounding Windows 10. And within the last short burst of time I managed to finally discover why windows 10 is 10 instead of 9. Apparently programmers of the past (and present?) used some awful coding practices and simply scanned for Windows 9- to check if the OS could support the software - which would of resulted in windows 10 having legacy software issues. Anyway, not sure if it's true or not but I will take it as a more sane explanation than "It's such a big step we needed to skip a version number".

So anyway, whoever bought me a membership:

I'll be doing one of the following soon as a sort of thank you to BYOND as a whole.

-Releasing free art assets
-Releasing free sound assets
-Releasing libraries
-Releasing demos
-Releasing written tutorials
-Releasing video tutorials
-Releasing small game projects

And also as a thank you for reading/scrolling all the way to the bottom of this post, here is a cute puppy playing in the snow.

Steam sale was pretty lame, actually. Had few good deals. Still waiting to hear back from steam support on one of my $18~ purchases yielding no content.
Rips will continue to decrease in quality. No one running these rips has any idea what they're doing. Hence my topic on how to program a rip and release of one of the ripped sources I worked on.

The effect of rips over time:
Get ripped source > Add in features/libraries from existing ripped sources > Redo the skin to include more buttons/uselessness > Claim to be doing something yourself > Jam more publicly available resources into ripped source, without actually fixing anything(or being able to judge the quality of work they're adding to the source).

Hence, why the quality is a spiral of ever-decreasing sadness.
>  am making rpg using the zeta src i found after taking online survey; i have no idea wat am doing
Yeah, I literally just looked up and saw that someone added a year onto my account. Just an awesome random act of kindness, I guess. Lol.
You should get an email telling you which key was used to purchase the membership.

Unless they ticked anonymous of course.
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Cheeky boy. ;) Thank you, Magicmann.