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The internet is serious business.

Honestly if you read our string of posts starting at page 2, it's pretty funny. There's honestly nothing more humorous than being able to make fun of ourselves as a community. When we accept our problems and freely poke fun of them, it shows that we don't let them bother us so much.

By brushing off the pretentious posts by making fun of them, it sets a very lighthearted precedence that showcases the fallacy of something without being a douche about it.
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Ter13 wrote:
I'm really not sure we actually derailed the thread. Seemed like the topic went to programmer jokes to tropes about specific programming languages to trying to fit DM into that list, to carrying on the joke.

Your love of horses knows no bounds.
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You could say he just likes... horsing around...
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"Despite all their differences, he was rather fond of the neighsayers."
Your love of horses knows no bounds.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those that don't know binary horses and those that do?
In all honesty, I love arguing. To me it is almost like a form of sincerity when someone posts a giant rant. People don't type giant walls of text without caring about something.

But I also believe that if something is a rule then it should be followed.

This is BYOND we're talking about. Nothing but trolls and pony posters.

We are going to be very aggressive in dealing with "trolls" in this community.

I may be wrong, and I might be interpreting this wrongly. but to me this doesn't strike me as a programmer joke :

I'll take discussion about white space or coding because it's at least related by default.
I always thought that it was a general rule that you stay on topic. It's not in the guidelines but it usually meant threads got locked. (at least that's what I saw)
Eh, I'm cool with this thread being for general silliness. Although I do love a good programmer joke.
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To be fair, this entire thread lies within the largely unmoderated sector of the forums: Off Topic. It, by its very definition suggest that it has no particular bearing with BYOND nor any inclination not to divert into a different conversation altogether, because that's just how conversations work.

No one ever had fun standing around shooting the same shit for hours on end without altering the conversation to be more exciting for the moment. It's how threads get off topic and why we, as humans, form both relevant and irrelevant tangents.

I think that's enough serious business, commence the horseplay!
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Kats wrote:
I think that's enough serious business, commence the horseplay!

I see what you did there. :)
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Lummox JR wrote:
Eh, I'm cool with this thread being for general silliness. Although I do love a good programmer joke.

I changed the thread to reflect your decision. Oh mighty keeper of the code.

Horses aren't even attractive creatures. Did no one listen to Meghan Trainor? It's all about that Bass.

I think having a thread dedicated completely to being silly will be a great outlet for all our humor-derived tendencies!

On that note:

And so it begins...

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