Quick pie chart of BYOND's market share (top 10 most active games) in terms of players.

Look at all of the mandatory chat rooms!
Rise of the Pirates is probably my favourite one on there. It's the closest one to being a game.

Though I haven't played a few of those
P.s. Soon my game will be 10 million strong and that will look like nothing
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sandbox rp sandbox rp sandbox rp sandbox rp anime sandbox rp anime sandbox rp

Look at all of the mandatory chat rooms!

And they occupy the majority of the BYOND player population.


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You still working on your game that looks promising?

Not to be bias but I think I have something too that might hopefully gather some type of population
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If your referring to this :

Yes I'm still working on it.
Did you rename it? Thought it was called something else
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Sage was originally going to be completely from scratch.

But :

Basically "Rice" is the base source code for Sage, which has a similar theme but a different goal all together in that it tries to provide a project that everyone on BYOND can contribute to (if they so choose)
hm, dominated byp RP && RP anime :O