It's A New Living Online

by Ss4gogeta0
It's A New Living Online
The best life simulator on BYOND is making a comeback!
I decided to remake IALO using both my memory of the game aswell as some old screenshots I have found. I know for a fact that this game uses the old Majins & Mystics source code so I am editing it to the best of my abilities to try to match IALO.

This game showed how you could use an anime based source to make something unique.
Just put out another version that changes each of the races...

You have a choice of these

- Humans (Default Race)
- Androids (Much Stronger than humans)
- Angels (Divine Beings of good, can not become evil)
- Demons (The Root of all Evil)
- Critter-Jin (Yes, Critter-Jin are back.)