Bleach: Shattered Eternal

by Moonpower
Bleach: Shattered Eternal
Welcome to Bleach: Shattered Eternal! Please Read The Description Below.

Owner/Hoster: Moonpower

GM,GM: Open,Open

Enforcers: Open,Open

Special thanks to sers000 for helping me make the Vaizard Class and Vaizard mask code

Made Inner Hollow and Shinji/Visored Quest
(You have to be atleast lvl 125 and higher to get Visored you have to talk to Shinji and then he'll give you a quest to defeat your Inner hollow after you defeat your inner hollow you can use visored mask/hollow powers you also can't tell where Shinji is or you will be muted,booted, and finally your save get wiped)
wtf man why is it taking so long to be up?