Bleach Ruptured Spirit

by Narutomega1
A fun bleach game
The Mega Team Presents a fun bleach game with good admin free starter lvls and much more
is game on ?
plz put game back on I like it
put the game up WTF
Put the game up !
Now do you need a hoster?
Well, it's a great game, really fun rip of Noches, but the hosting is extremely shabby. It keeps going down so often. A new host might be needed but other than that it's pretty good.
I know that Itachitrainer already covered this, but you REALLY need to put this up on a shell server so that it doesn't go down.

Either that or FIND A NEW HOST.
need a new host bad the game is only up for 4 to 5 hours a day
i can salve the hosting problem unless my internet goes down randomly *unusualy* i can host 24/7 no lag all i need is files :/ contact me Spidy 19962
<---- even tho u can see it here lol
GET THIS SHIT BACK UP! >:O I am really bored... :|