by Wanabe
Chaotic zombie shooting action game.
Biocrisis Version 1.45


Toilet Water was not properly showing
Heal Ally ability wasn't charging for interactive objects
If heal ally was used 100% in a round it would no longer recharge in any future rounds
Black Market section would not properly gray out items in the KJ Sub/BYOND member sections if the player was not eligible for them
Suicide bomber icon was not unlocked unless the player had unlocked the prereqs on the current server even if the player already had unlocked the medal previously
Barrier objects were not automatically dying after a period of time as intended
“Previous Round” and “Free black market” HUD links were broken
zom_volatile_super_expansion value was not generated correctly across all difficulty levels
Shades would not decrease zombies active when killed
Zombies spawned via certain abilities were not decreasing zombies active number when killed
Zombies could not walk through open doors which had taken any damage
Players can no longer push or walk on the same tile as a cyborg
Improved logic for Scamper waypoint leap, will always make it to the waypoint now
“No Ammo” status would not disappear when returning to lobby if the game had been won
Boss HP number layer was higher than the shop menu
Reinforce feat when effected by resourcefulness would base the initial resource amount on level 1 Reinforce level instead of current level
Accuracy penalty for dual wielding was being miscalculated and was actually massively boosting accuracy
Detox Nuke feat would still recharge after it had been used
Target Booster would not properly boost or unboost accuracy of nearby allies properly in some circumstances
Career damage statistic would go down when dealing damage to already dead zombies
Black Market global cooldown for “Super Boss” item was not working correctly
Opened Bulkheads was stopping the ability for players to be on the same tile if it was enabled by the server
In some circumstances it was possible to push a corpse mower through a hedge and then if pushed again the pusher would enter the hedge
Buying/Selling items on the Black Market was not updating the other black market items
When wielding 2 weapons that use the same ammo type it was possible to reload both at the same time and effectively get a free reload when down to 1 spare ammo left when starting the reload process
Shortcut keys for using feats were not checking if the player was dead
Clicking a button in the configure controls page before having clicked a button previously would spit out an error in the client side console

Guard Point would not properly tell its followers to stop following it when a certain amount of zombies get too close
Zombies spawned in via certain abilities could spawn invisible
Toxin Proof Boots was not ignoring damage properly
Weapon HUD status would have issues displaying its info correctly when switching between melee weapons and regular ranged weapons
Various optimizations to improve server performance


Apocalypse zombie incoming multiplier increased from 1.90 to 2.50. Difficulties below slightly increased to the new curve.
Recruited NPCS are parachuted in. Bought Cyborgs come in via drop pods
Airstrike resource cost increased from 220 to 250
Napalm strike resource cost increased from 550 to 750. Napalm Strike always fires 3 missiles instead of 3-5 depending on Napalm Strike feat level
Detox Nuke resource cost increased from 2,000 to 3,000
Cannon and Heavy turret feats are no longer effected by resourcefulness feat
Dual wielding requirements for some weapons have been altered. Minigun and Sniper from level 5 to 6. Crossbow from level 5 to 4. Melee weapons from level 5 to 4 requirement. SMGS from level 5 to 4 with an exception of the P90 which changed from 5 to 6. SPAS12 changed from 5 to 6
Cyborgs have maxed out melee passives except for Adrenaline Boost and Melee Tanker
Increased chance of Recruited NPCS to spawn in with a Kevlar vest

Zombie Boss Type is now selected at game start rather than when he's about to spawn. Depending on the boss type pre-selected for that round certain zombies can either start appearing or appear in more numbers from the very start of the round
zom_boss_shade_spawn variable is now treated as a percentage. Set to 1% on Hard from 0%. 5% Deadly from 10%, 10% apocalypse

Facility: One of the northern road zombie waypoints allows some zombies to go west along the northern road
Blockade: default zombies increased from 1425 to 1600
Errand: Increased default food required from 5 to 10. Increased max possible food required from 24 to 30.
Increased objective_quantity_extra_required difficulty setting. Hard 1->2, Deadly 2->4 Apocalypse, 3 >6

Black Market: Certain items in the Black Market can stack into a single slot. Certain items can only take up so many slots
Black Market: Regen Beacon and Rambo Wielding has now been moved to the free section. Rambo Wielding now bases its boost on the characters current dual wielding level
Black Market: Flame vest now regenerates its HP faster when standing in fire. It also no longer receives any bonus when standing in multiple flames
Black Market: Added Steel Armour item to free area
Black Market: Increased claw trap auto-resets from 2->4
Black Market: Gold Armour regenerates itself twice as fast
Black Market: Increased Orbital Strike explosion radius from 6->7
Black Market: Rambo Wielding FP cost increased from 60 to 80
Black Market: Reduced FP received when selling to a maximum percentage of 33% of original value instead of 50%
Black Market: ClawTraps can now be thrown a short distance


Increased Experimental Weapon unlock cost from 90->100 FP
New BYOND Member Feat: Target Prioritization. Allows players to set the target prioritization for the automatic targeting to prioritize certain zombies over others


Dropped weapons that are out of ammo now become transparent
Lava icon updated
Weapon shell effect


The shop menus now have keyboard support
Host choose map menu is no longer an HTML form and instead just a basic input
Added more possible keyboard binds and more control options for binding
Meat Decoy bind tries to use a meat decoy in the players inventory before trying to use leadership feat meat decoy
Various on screen HUD buttons highlight on mouse over
Throwing a single grenade no longer exits grenade throwing mode. Instead grenade throwing mode exits when the player is out of grenades or if right clicking on the screen
Player and Clan stats pages are now integrated into the shop menu


Creepers can always be passed by any other zombie, including other creepers
Volatile zombies can pass other zombies
Volatile, Shades, Death Totem and Cursed Stone cannot be stunned
Shade Boss “Summon Shade” “Summon Totem” ability takes longer to recharge
Added Hivus Zombie “grab” ability. Has a chance of grabbing a player and locking them in place for 5 seconds. Higher chances for Hivus to grab in harder difficulties. Hivus Boss also recieves this ability.


UZI/92FS no longer penalize accuracy when dual wielded
Reduced 92FS reload delay from 40 to 33
Reduced TMP reload delay from 30 to 26
Plasma Cannon experimental weapon explosion radius increased from 3 to 4
P90 accuracy slightly reduced at close range
UMP accuracy slightly increased at long range


Standardized most of the HUD to use a consistent font
Increased drawing layer for toxins and super toxins
Any feats which open up sub menus can be seen by spectators
NPCs which have a leader are allowed to heal other players that call for a medic, but they will not purposely walk towards their patient unless he is their current leader
Added new stat tracking: NPC and NPC Cyborg kills. Kills gained via these methods increases player kills obtained in the round.
Player owned turrets now increases the owners kill count for that round.
Cursed Stone and Death Totems can now be auto-targeted
NPCS following other NPCS will stop following if they're trying to get a weapon
NPCS won't follow other NPCS if they're trying to pickup a weapon
Player Spec/Join next status saved to client-side save file
Official servers can now upload scores to the BYOND HUB

Map Editor:

Removed zombie_quota and char_quota variable from message and switch turfs, just use look_zombies/look_chars only
Added goal_search_range variable to zombie waypoints. Set to -1 by default which means no change. Set to 0 to disable zombies looking for targets through walls. Set to 1 to enable targetting through walls
Added various variables to the “gamesettings” object to control each zombie types build up value. This is used to enable certain zombies to build up a certain amount of spawns before they actually start appearing so they effectively come in waves
Drop zone line/border turf and stairs merged into a single turf.


Added vote_map_cooldown_type, vote_map_cooldown_rounds host options. These are used to disable map voting until conditions are met. By default 1 round must be won before map voting becomes available
Added “objective_quantity_extra_required_players” difficulty option. increases objective amount per player by this number
Added incoming_multiplier_players difficulty option. Controls the amount of zombies that are added per player
Added: zom_volatile_ability_fuse difficulty option. Controls fuse delay for volatile zombie explosion. 2 is one second, 1 is half-second 0 is no delay.
Added several variables to the difficulty system which controls the resources gained by players dealing certain types of damage. Higher difficulties reduce the resources gained to slightly offset the increased HP the Zombies have on average

Help File:

Help file is no longer an HTML popup and is instead integrated into the shop menu.
Help file has more information about weapons such as DPS

Nice updates.