I love how BYOND tries to brush it's anime ripping culture under the rugs like it's a dirty little secret.

Oh wait, my bad. BYOND actually displays them proudly on the front page of the games section.

We also have a thread where sources are being given away in an effort to pump up donations, some of which are anime rips. Which might not be such a huge problem by itself, except that it's clearly mentioned and encouraged on an officially sanctioned BYOND news feed in the announcements section.
Edit: That was removed. soon after this post was made

I'm also willing to reckon' that a huge chunk of the contributions BYOND has received over it's lifetime are from anime fans who play this illegal content.

Is this really ethical? BYOND is clearly benefiting from this illegal content. I would even go so far as to say it's creating a serious conflict of interest between financial security and ethical behavior. I'm also not a lawyer, but it looks bad just from my untrained eye.

You don't want to be associated with illegal fan games? then maybe you should ban them. At the very least, your allowing people to take illegal actions on your forums and your letting fan games slip onto the front page of your game library.

Because right now, BYOND's current policy to illegal sources/fan games seems to be this:
"We don't want to be associated with you, but we'll take your money and let you thrive on our site."

All I'm asking for is some consistency on the matter. You can't say one thing and do another, there needs to a be a clear line where these activities need to stop.

This is definitely a heavy topic of discussion, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't talk about it.
Sue beyond
Yah, none of them are illegal.
Bro, lets keep it realistic.

1) BYOND: Build Your OwN Dream. It exists so folks can come play games, socialize, and increase their development skill(s). There are a lot of anime fans here so it just makes sense for many of them to want to play/develop/edit those kinds of games to their liking. And it's all free, usually.

2) Since it's free, the site and guys who run it need to make money and keep the site up. Ads and donations are just the way to go. We all know this. It's just a realistic move to motivate BYONDers to donate more. If you don't like Yut's donation idea, what's your viable alternative?

3) Anime rips are shit. I agree with you here. But if you want it to change, either you do something or don't. Forum posts really don't do much. I doubt mine will. But develop something different to draw players away from anime rips. SS13 has been doing it.

It is what it is dawg.
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Oleic wrote:
1) BYOND: Build Your OwN Dream.

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EmpirezTeam wrote:
Oleic wrote:
1) BYOND: Build Your OwN Dream.


Shh, it makes sense.

Yut, I'm not saying it draws in waves upon waves of players from anime rips. To say some players don't play anime rips less to play SS13 would be a lie. Including myself, I know personally know a handful of players. But anyway the point is make fun non-anime rip games for people to flock to. If one cares about it this much, of course.
look how much drama you caused, yut. all you had to do was not start a byond fundraiser and none of this wouldve happened. you're the main cancer on byond hands down my boi. everyone on byond was having a wonderful, peaceful christmas and a happy new year but you just had to ruin it didnt you
"It's an original product because it has a different name and makes no mention of the original IP! "
BYOND 2016.
those rnt rips tho
BYOND doesn't have the resources to manually go into games and validate their content, nor should it have to. All we can control is what's visible publicly on the listings. If those listings show no signs of being fan-material, then that's that, that's where our involvement ends.

We tried the whole deep review thing years ago and it was a complete waste of time and resources, so we moved to a more hands-off approach.

And since this topic has come up countless times before and there's no further need for discussion. Topic closed.