Poll: Drama or Games? What brings you back to BYOND?

Drama 14% (4)
Games 25% (7)
Drama AND Games 18% (5)
Drama, mostly.. 29% (8)
Games, mostly.. 11% (3)

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Just curious where we stand.
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Kozuma3 wrote:

now that's kinda silly isn't it?

Did you really have to comment that? All you did was add a period.
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IchiroKeisuke wrote:
Kozuma3 wrote:

now that's kinda silly isn't it?

Did you really have to comment that? All you did was add a period.


And the fact that I must carry out the will of the Nexus. If you guys would just let me unite all the damn games already, I could've been gone years ago. But no, you guys just keep opposing me, you just keep putting obstacles in my way, you just keep causing setbacks, keep forcing me back to the drawing board, so here I am. You made this bed, now sleep in it.
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Developer Help.
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Ter13 wrote:
Developer Help.

I will have to concur with Duck Butt. Drama was at it's best back when NEStalgia launched and was still pretty new. That was REAL drama. It got to a point where Silk didn't even have to participate in the conversation - just the mere mention of his name would rustle so many jimmies that people who didn't even use the forums or participate in blog discussions would suddenly appear out of nowhere to throw in their 2 cents about how much of a twat Silk was. If you said anything even remotely nice about NEStalgia, you'd get flamed by 15 different people instantly calling you a "dick rider". And then I'd always swoop and be like, the only person arguing in favor of Silk Games and it'd devolve into a 1v20 shitstorm where I'm trolling multiple people simultaneously for hours on end.

This is probably my all-time favorite thread on this site. It was a perfect blend of anti-Silk and anti-moderator rage.

As soon as I read the title, I knew that thread was going to be lit af. Thank you Magicbeast20.

[edit] Also notice how in Magic's OP, when he goes to list all the other users making blog posts about NEStalgia and moderators, mine was the only one with something positive about the mods in the title. xD

[edit 2] I'm in tears rereading this thread. This is the best comment so far

he was referring to me, lmao.
I love NEStalgia. Only reason I stopped playing is because the grind is a little much sometimes.
TBH most of the drama on this site is petty dick measuring by people whose only skills are imaginary.

The real drama that happens here has always been centered on a small group of about five users. Users who have been repeatedly permabanned and come back on multiple keys at the same time to manufacture the appearance of agreement with their stupidity.

For a while, it appeared that these keys were a rash of discontent users, but repeatedly we find their activity on the forums to begin and end at roughly the same time over and over again. When one comes back, the others come back. They all post in the same threads. They all bang the same drum. Sometimes they argue amongst themselves to appear like they aren't a united front, but that argument always results in bullshit the moderators have to deal with and ultimately threats to BYOND itself from the concerted effort of all of the actions taken as one phenomena.

Even though these users are the cause of the more serious drama threads, they've managed to accomplish basically nothing despite years of effort.
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The real drama that happens here has always been centered on a small group of about five users.

I would like to make the argument that we have quite a roster of drama makers and enjoyers.

remember rod?

he's one of em. Constantly spouting crazy nonsense about how he's the most gangster game developer of them all, who's going to unleash his killer naruto rip original game to critical praise.

Personally, I think rod5 is a real OG. As shown above, he clearly ain't give no fucks.
That made me cringe.
Too lazy to edit my last post, but reading comments by some members who've left made me sad.

I miss Tiberath.
Back years ago when we had blogs, I would pester Kumorii with really stupid questions and one day he finally had enough of my shit and just popped off.

I just love how he goes from 0 to 100 in this screenshot. I ask him about rock music and he's like "BECAUSE I CAN! DEAL WITH IT! BANHAMMER!"

Come to think of it, I was banned from like, 10 or 11 different blogs back then. Fun times.
I have a sudden urge to make a post about blogs.
I had a bad time with trolls at the time (notably Galactic_Soldier and friends) and you would roll with them a lot so i usually just grouped you with them out of association. (^8
remember rod?

Rod's fucking hilarious. He's absolutely brilliant. Funniest troll on BYOND by far.
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