My current placeholder art for the faces of the cast of Game Of Thrones is terrible, as evidenced above.

I still have another ~35 to do for the other houses, and don't want to get bogged down making (terrible) art when I should be programming - any chance anyone knows of a good/large set of faces/face icons, 32x32 pixels?

I'll make you a custom set. Only thing is, it won't be free. Reasonable yes. Free no.

Would be a photo color compression with manual detail preservation type of job. Usually takes about half an hour per photo. That tends to mean about $10 per 32x32 icon because of the amount of color correction required. But this month's been pretty dry and I'd do them $5 a pop cash half in the front half in the back.

More examples of the style:

The process is more complex than just scaling down a photo. Basically, you take an image and cut it up into sections then color key each section individually. Then you take and do manual corrections, then after that's done you color key the whole thing together into a single palette. Once that's all done, you take the whole set and you color key them together into a single palette to give them a unified L&F. After that's done, you do manual corrections again.
Thanks for the kind offer Ter, but the icons you'd provide would be beyond the quality I'm looking for: as this is infringing on copyright already I can't/won't make a profit on it, so can't really afford to cash out for anything.

To put my thiftiness in perspective, I'm more looking for generic RPG Maker sprites turned into 32x32 dmis that someone might already have lying around/stored as a bookmark, rather than high-quality bespoke art.
In the meantime, I'd probably just advise scaling down a photo. The show's gonna be a godsend for you. RPGMaker foo isn't gonna give you all the material you will need in a style that fits your theme.
Cheers Ter, I've gone ahead and done that. Thanks for the advice.

An in-game example. Not pretty, but they'll do :)