by Doughy One
What will you do with god-like power?
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A deep and mysterious psionic energy has long simmered within you. This latent potency has finally manifested. What will you do with god-like power?

In Psiforged, hand craft your character into an unstoppable fighting machine, able to conjure
forth powers the likes of which seem godly compared to beings of a lesser caliber. Pour your efforts and energy into perfecting your body, raising your psionic power to immense levels and flourishing world shattering, incomparable forces that few could hope to stand against.

However, if combat isn't your forte, or perhaps you merely wish to extend your fighting capabilities toward defense instead of offence, then you may focus upon crafting. Fabricate advanced technological wonders that allow you to harvest the land of its resources, such as mechanized drills or weapons and armors to better defeat your foes.

  • Learn to fly and teleport using your own psionic powers and transverse the world at incredible speeds and flexibility.

  • Build for yourself a home, a shelter to call your own and a place worth protecting. Then fill it with the fruits of your labor, such as magical and technological wonders found or created by you.

  • Summon forth incalculable energy and cast it forth toward your foes as terrible beams of unstoppable force, or pepper them with smaller, faster attacks that wear them down.

  • Use meditation to raise the energy of your character and unlock ever more increasingly devastating power attacks and perks.

  • Train your character in unique and varied ways, such as meditating under waterfalls, weathering thunderous storms of lightening to harden your body against their baleful effects and enduring immense gravity that would crush a lesser being.

  • Forge and build your perfect fighter, gain statistics based on what you do, from practicing skills and raising their efficiency to dead lifting trees and huge rocks.

  • With great power, one can shape a world or destroy it. Be cautious with your gifts, less you harm the very planet you call home. Use your magic or technology too freely and risk killing off trees, drying oceans and polluting the air.

    Psiforged, Copyright () 2017-2023 by Aaron Davey
this game seems dope. i would love to play aplha/beta when u release it as is.
Seems like a RP-esque game. Honestly looks way better than most, if not all games currently out on Byond.
It appears as though you don't actually have a Copyright registered. You might want to rectify that issue.
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Maximus_Alex2003 wrote:
It appears as though you don't actually have a Copyright registered. You might want to rectify that issue.

Thanks, I wasn't aware. I thought that simply putting my name and appropriate copyright imagery would be enough, but perhaps that only applies in the UK as official registration; I'm not certain.
When will this game be opened? , I played a little of it and been wanting more. It's wayyy to much fun please don't let this one stay unavailable forever.
In response to GhostlyPunk
Thank you for showing interest. The game is coming along very well. It should be available to play this year, although I'm not 100% sure on a date yet.

Having said that, I'll try and get a few more test sessions up and running around late-May, mid-June time.
Was fun when i played it once it was public hosted before. Was many neat ideas to go through. Though, i'm hoping when it comes back up it'll be flyin around. I've been posting it in places since it was a neat game.