Oa: Origins

by Dayvon64
Oa: Origins
In a world where you choose your path, do you become a hero or villain?


Oa is a city filled with mysteries and crime. Though, some of it's inhabitants have undergo a mutation in their bodies due to a government mishap bestowing them super human abilities. When you recover in a hospital and are thrust into the world of heroics and wicked behavior, it is now your choice to choose which side you stand.

-Features -

- PvP & PvE
- No log training, skills progress as you use them.
- Guilds
- House/HQ Rentals
- Over 100 abilities and passives added.
- Multiple types of Powers.
- Both Ground & Mid-air combat
- Multiverse
- An Optional Original Story with Original characters.
- Giant open world with Dungeons, Underwater, Caves, and more.
- Boss Battles.
- Much More!