So, recently I found myself dealing with troubles really rather close to the ram cap, and decided to employ a solution for an older game I adore: Sword of the Stars—and other favorite games that were released before x64 was mainstream, called "Large Address Aware". It adds a flag to the EXE, plus a few patches here and there, and allows it to use larger amounts of memory, which works on Dream Daemon!

First: Download Large Address Aware from laa_2_0_4-zip.34392/ . Simple stuff. It's a portable program, and can be run from the .zip.

Follow the instructions detailed here!

You should be good, then! After a bit of testing, a few friends and I have yet to see any ill effects. We might test it live, but maybe not. Who knows!

(Link, in case my image tutorial goes dead for whatever reason.) large-address-aware.112556/
/tg/ has tested this live before.

It caused crashes because byond handles pointer math in an unsafe way.

To confirm this, you can set this registry entry then reboot:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

(back up the old value, if any, and restore the old value (or delete if there wasn't any) to undo)

What it does is makes windows give large address aware programs memory from the "extra" part first to make sure they can handle it.

It might be fixed now, it's been a while. you could try.

What we noticed is that at a point, list allocations started failing until randomly byond forgot about all lists.
Was this ever fixed, in reference to what MrStonedOne mentioned?
no, the limitation in byond seems not to be the normal 32bit per-process memory limit, but something else, as it always fails at 1.8gb, with or without LAA