by Wanabe
Chaotic zombie shooting action game.
Hello! I am a long time fan of this game, played about 9 years ago and today I got an extra PC laying around to do server stuff or whatever. In this case, I want to keep a server going for this game and maybe people will start coming back, I know Ill hop on every now and again and will keep it running as best as possible.

Let me know when it's down if I don't notice it.
Hi all,

Made changes to the server after taking a look at smd's enhanced server and wanted to see if I can improve balance as well and experiment.

effects_guts_duration_min from 200 - 120
effects_guts_duration_min from 350 - 200
effects_weapon_casing 75 - 50
server_fps from 30-45
zom_spawn_perplayer_method 1 - 2
zom_spawn_perplayer_value 30 - 50
Notice: I know the server is down, it will be back up tonight at approximately 8:00pm CST.