New Era: Worst Generation

by Xalexx16
Beta || Project back live!
We are back!! After a long time ill try to be back on the project, with many ideas but little time to work on it, lost files for long time and i finally recovered them :(.

Update soon!!

-New version up 0.72!
Check Changelog and guide for more info!

New version up 0.67!
Wellcome to this awesome adventure game!!

New update game includes:
-Group exp & gold share(with xp bonus for more players in group).
-Devil Fruit system(need to be remaked and updated but works fine).
-Equipment system(boost usr powers)
-Leveling system till 16-20 working without any buggs.
-Skills system with the basic skills(you will learn more on advancing).
-Automatic rank and title system.
-Looting system(you can loot players and some enemies).

-Become the strongest on this enormous world, find the biggest treasures and become the king.

First of all credits to:

Start your story as a human, fisherman, cyborg or angel(comming soon...), dominate the seas make deals with the devil, get his fruits and discover awesome powers.

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Till v1.0 the game will be on beta so, please all suggestions, buggs post on comments, help us to improve for a better gameplay! More info soon...
Working back on this project.