by Kumorii
The classic action/survival shooter!
Frakture Studios 2011 - '21

Survive countless waves of strange and dangerous monstrosities alone or with friends! Intensity increases and new enemies are introduced as you progress! Bosses, classes, and a plethora of weapons to decimate the hordes with!

6/27/18 / v2.0.1

- graphic tweaks/adjustments.
- smoke is smokey again.
- laser projectiles now give off light.

7/5/18 / v2.0.2

- more projectile lights!
- fixed a few longstanding graphic glitches.
- fixed bug that caused all hairstyles to default to santa hats.
- fire tweaks.
7/7/18 / v2.0.4

- blood and gore now persist for a helluva lot longer(u wanted bloody? here's the bloody patch)
- new weather type
- support ai return
7/27/18 / v2.0.5

- lobby rework in progress.
- performance improvements.
- shotguns nerfed.
- fixed boss cutscenes.