Pokemon RP Reborn

by Perpetr8r the Perpetu8r
Pokemon RP Reborn
Pokemon-themed RPG where you can play as either a Pokemon or a Trainer!
I was just finishing my most recent 6-3 shift at work and this game popped into my head.
Started thinking of all of the people I used to speak to daily that I havenít heard from in quite some time.
Was gonna come see if it was online for a good old round of smacking a Jigglypuff doll around and to see if anybody I know is still here, but the game is currently in hosted and the last hub update was around six months ago.

I donít really know what to put here since I have so many memories, so Iím just gonna throw down my first battle.
My very first non-trainer character was a Skarmory.
I got caught at the training dummies when I was level 7 (Didnít realize that was against the rules then.) and about five minutes later I was whisked off into a trainer battle- the gentlemen who caught me that I canít quite remember challenged Nova.
Things were pretty back and forth until he sent out Phoenix Cat who absolutely just rolled on our team- easily murdered everybody.
I was the last one out after watching all of my level 100 teammates get wiped out with no difficulty at all.
Being about as terrified as youíd expect I was thrust off of the bench into the battlefield- she missed her attack first turn and I landed the critical Peck for the absolutely MASSIVE two points of damage.
Got knocked out the next turn and it inspired me to get to 100- I probably created somewhere around 10 keys for this game alone just so I could keep my characters and keep leveling up new ones.
I always enjoyed my time on here immensely as for the most part this game always had a beautiful player base filled with beautiful people.
This and Cow RP were huge parts of my life while I was in school (I live in northern Canada- pretty heavy snow around 8 months of the year here.) and Iíll always be grateful for the time we got to share together.
Pretty sure I wrote unhosted and it switched it to in hosted.
Well, PRPR never dies forever!

...though its playerbase might.
i love the battle style of prpr
I miss everyone that used to hang around PRPR, think about ya'll often!

- Beverage (Not to be confused with BEV)
Perpetr8r the Perpetu8r wrote:
Well, PRPR never dies forever!

...though its playerbase might.

Very sad to only notice this now, computer died shortly after making the initial post and I just purchased a gaming laptop.
Good to see you're still around Sirus, this game has brought me and many others plenty of good times.
Hope you are well