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Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
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Status: Not Feasible

Implementing this feature is not possible now or in the foreseeable future
There are something bothering me about the game. It is to simple! I think it still needs some more stuff...

Everything is almost evenly balanced and stuff, which is great. But i want more advanced fightingstyles to it!

heres a list:
1- Slow jutsus
2- interupting
3- Handseal time system(Which i thought could be interupted)
4- Auto-team balancer!!!*
5- fix the awards, and make the better chars harder to get.

and, i think i commented this:
Get a good host with at least quadcore +3Ghz processor, 8GB RAM and 5Mb/s upload speed. That should make the game stable for a day atleast... >_>

Remember to update the character and add new ones evenly, "so the players doesnt run dry of intrests".
I have a few suggestions.

1. Hidan's Scythe Strike shouldn't be homing, only Wrath Of Jashin should be homing.

2. Deidara could use either some clay or a buff + nerf. Nerf totem and buff his other jutsus because it seems totem is the only thing people use.

3. I don't think anyone will agree but, Tayuya's dokis should be like Kiba's Akamaru. This is to prevent Tayuya just staying in the back spamming Doki Summon all match.

4. Kirin should take a little longer to use, or make do a butt load of damage and take all of Sasuke's chakra. After use he can't regenerate for like 10 seconds ? I don't know just coming up with suggestions off the top of my head.

As you can see they are all for Akatsuki...because Akatsuki is so strong at the moment. And no one in leaf is that strong, other than Minato. That's about the only person who can fight Akatsuki members unless Naruto and Jiraya go Sage Mode.


1.- It would be really nice if you listed the jutsus which are slowly executed, saying "Slow jutsus" doesn't help at all.
2.- I agree, but now again, what skills should be added to this, Konan would be even more useless than it's now.
3.- Do you want me to add a system like those used in games where you press S, A, Up, South, etc etc to execute jutsus? People would complain a lot about that :/
4.- How should it work?
5.- We have to discuss this, the people don't want to do a lot to unlock characters, and we can't keep the track of all the characters unlocked from a person, the current comment req. is good, and you keep them in all the servers.

And well, I doubt complaining about the hosting will change anything, I don't get any money from this game, so I can't afford for a VPS, we should be happy because we're currently being hosted by a nice guy's VPS, which is more than enough.
What happend????I have just logged in and saw that no one was online,and there is a new hoster!!(asd123456789)I cant log in the game!!!
And for the love of all that is holy...Take off auto regeneration..People running and getting HP is annoying.
Please guys create another thread to suggest more things.

@Nxsinz, Auto-Regeneration is something needed, I believe :/
Edit: You can't recover HP / Chakra while running.
I meant running..Standing in one spot regaining HP, then coming to back to fight you. Rather annoying if you ask me.

And Eternal...When are you going to update ?! These suggestions need to be implemented :o. I understand if you have a busy life.

Oh. And an alteration to my Hidan Suggestion: Either Scythe strike be a 6-Hit Combo, or give Hidan that black rod thing and make it EXACTLY like the anime. I.E. The person using Hidan presses One and hits someone with it( This stab also does a little damage.). And Now all he has to do is use Wrath of Jashin to hit them no matter where they are. To balance make it use ALL of his chakra ? And for a short time make him weaker or something :o ? Just some suggestions.
Eternal_Memories resolved issue (Not Feasible)

... 8GB of ram? wtf... it doesn't even take 1GB of ram to host a server with 100 people on it, and quadcore's aren't that good, everyone assumes so cuz it has 4 processors built into it, Problem comes when the processors have 2 communicate with each other because they share the power, each has 1/4th the power of a single core with the same GHz. 3rdly... < check it out... it's my speed... my internet speed, do u understand how expensive the internet package would be for 5MB of upload speed? 2 much just 2 host a dam byond game

Solution? easy... make a shell, it's actually not hard, if u have a spare computer u can easily do it, and it will run smoothly cuz that computer will be dedicated to the server and purely the server, best to use linux :/ cuz windows sucks @ servers(bill gates decided to have it run background programs that u might not ever use, but making ur own shell isn't hard, cuz the computer doesn't have 2 be a good one, if i wanted i could turn that scrapped cpu in my closet into a shell, it wont have any security but most of the people on byond who say they are hackers are bullshitters, actual hackers dont hack byond... how do i kno? 1 of my friends is l33t. so really the security thing on the shell isn't needed, and the game doesn't have save files so dont have 2 worry about real hackers actually cheating. and extracting dmb files is lame and takes 4ever >.> cuz for some fucking reason u cant extract it 2 where it looks in dream maker, it's all gonna be 1 long ass line of codes after u extract it, ontop of that who cares if someone hacks the shell and gets the dmb file, u can just download it xD, hub has 2 where anyone can host, but anywho, i'm just saying ur expectations of a host are outrageous, cuz if i had a computer that powerful and internet that fast... i surely would not be here... o.o and that just gave me an idea... i think i will make a shell now, i'm pretty sure someone will pay me to host whatever game they own