by Wanabe
Chaotic zombie shooting action game.
Biocrisis Version 1.46

Note: requires BYOND 512 and later


Dying to an AFK frenzy will now make guts appear
Fixed: Zombies would die a little sooner than intended
Fixed: Sometimes the game would think a player was supposed to take damage from fire/toxins when they weren't supposed to
Fixed: When standing over multiple mines in the spot the pickup bind will only pickup one rather than all on the tile
Fixed: Scampers trying to do a scamper jump when failing to get to their waypoint would sometimes cause them to constantly jump endlessly with no proper exit condition
Fixed: depending on what boss was selected on the map "Central", zombie spawning could stop
Fixed: Zomborg minigun ability would explode projectiles before actually hitting breakables
Fixed: BM steel armour would delete whole stack instead of removing 1
Fixed: rare timing bug when loading character save. Sometimes game tried to create/load black market items earlier than it was supposed to which would break the initial HUD generation, resulting in a black screen
Fixed: Shade boss could not summon their totems
Fixed: Spore pods would sometimes not spawn zombies
Fixed: Napalm Strike keybind wasn't working
Fixed: Super and Shade Boss was causing more than intended Zomborg zombies to spawn
Fixed: Anti-Toxins wasn't properly making toxins on the tile disappear faster
Fixed: Hidden Reactor on Facility would take damage from the Acid and kaboom early
Fixed: Super Toxins fired from an ability were not dealing damage to breakable objects
Fixed: Cyborg shotguns was not applying the damage bonus for being closer to the enemy target
Fixed: Dead cyborgs would sometimes leave behind floating weapons
Fixed: Turrets built via feats were not properly setting their HP.
Fixed: multiple runtime errors

Various optimizations to improve server performance


There are now various events that can occur with an increasing chance on higher difficulties. Most of these events can increase the game difficulty
Supply drop now has a low chance of spawning the deployable light and medium turret
Dropping Oil next to fire will not instantly ignite it

Player lives defaults set to -1 for Easy (infinite, until player spawn points are overrun) and 1 for Normal
Gameover condition altered. Will not end game if there are any players in the respawning process

Added in a new Nightmare difficulty, placed between Deadly and Apocalypse. Apocalypse difficulty made more difficult.

Added new "super free" item event which has a chance of occurring when a free item event would occur. Everyone can claim two free items instead of one. The first free item is guaranteed to come from a higher item tier. For example, if a player would normally only be allowed to purchase from "All Players" the first free item will come from the BYOND member section. Likewise if a player would normally be able to access the BYOND member section, the first free item will be from the KJ Sub section.

Anatomy feat now works a little differently. Weapons now have a critical chance rate assigned to them which Anatomy now alters. Melee weapons and crossbows have double the old critical rate. 92FS, UZI,TMP and M14 have a 20% higher (compared to previous) crit rate. Shotguns have a 40% higher crit rate. Minigun has a 20% lower crit rate
Critical hits can now effect Zombies hit by weapon spread damage
Unarmed Melee now has a small chance of doing a critical hit, the chance scales slightly with Unarmed Melee feat

Black Market: Some of the point costs on items has been tweaked
Black Market: Free section gains Deployable Shotgun Turret
Black Market: BYOND member section gains Cluster Grenades
Black Market: BYOND member section gains Commando Team
Black Market: BYOND member section gains Advanced Turret
Black Market: Moved Flame Vest from KJSub to BYOND member section
Black Market: KJ Sub section gains Shield Generator, Explosive Turret,Tesla Coil and Cyro Grenades
Black Market: Build Cyborg now comes with an Shield Generator equipped
Black Market: Experimental weapons from the black market does not require experimental weaponry training to use it as long as it's not dropped on the ground and picked up by another player.

Revived Players come back to life with 10 HP rather than 4-7
Added "Cash", a dedicated currency for buying Black Market items. Earned whenever the player gains Feat Points by dealing damage at a rate of 20% of the points earned.
Lowered the amount of Feat Points gained from dealing damage by 5%

Fire expires 50% faster if placed in an area that is actively snowing
Super Toxins now deals 1 extra damage to human players and breakables per damage tick

Human NPC pathfinding is a lot better at avoiding damage areas (fires/toxins)
Human NPCS check the closest zombie more often, which helps them decide to escape sooner (more consistent retreat from zombies)


Subscriber feats can be unlocked if the person has the KJ sub medal (for expired subs). Active subscription still required for easy BM access and faster Feat Point generation.

Reduced Salvager feat effectiveness from +100 resources per level to +75 per level

Increased Anatomy Feat max level from 5 to 10

Resourcefulness feat no longer effects Construct ammo, Construct grenade and Construct mine. Resourcefulness now effects the Recruit feat
Resourcefulness level cap is now 5 instead of 3. At new max level reduces resource costs by 17% rather than 15%


2 hidden medals and Back to Win medal wasn't being properly awarded
No one left behind medal requires 8 players rather than 10
Custom medal titles removed


Added rudimentary "animation" to zombies when they attack, mostly to their head. Zombies play this "animation" when hitting breakables and players
Zombies have a slight random color variation
Various objects out in areas the player shouldn't see don't visually show above the darkness
Old on screen text has a quick fade out animation when it's about to disappear
Hivus and Creepers now have yellow blood
Weapon pictures that didn't quite fit in the "left"/"right" area on the HUD now have pixel offsets, mainly for the melee weapons


Added controller mode option in player config page. If enabled All targeted feats/abilities will auto select a target location. Couple of other misc tweaks for convenience aswell


Changed zombie boss minimum HP level on difficulties, overall lower than previous
Boss HP per player is no longer calculated before the overall boss HP multiplier occurs. Increased default Boss HP per player settings
Buffed Cursed Stone HP from 500HP to 750HP
Added zom_slab_super_charge to difficulties. Adds a chance that when the charge ability is used by a slab it will do a more powerful charge
Added zom_slab_super_toxin to difficulties. Gives a chance when they fire their toxins they will shoot at double the targets simultaneously
Heavy Zomborg HP multiplier has been lowered to match the Slab HP multiplier
Cursed Stone, Boss Zombie and Hivus Zombie now resist projectile damage by 1 point. Slabs, Slab Boss and Heavy Zomborg also resist projectile damage, scaling with difficulty

Bosses have a new ability, as they take damage they will cause more zombies of their particular zombie type to spawn
Regular Boss steals more HP with Life Leach and regenerates HP twice as fast compared to other boss types
Hivus Boss gains a new Carapace ability which it will use if it's trying to stay at range. When Carapace activates the Hivus will initially gain a small 50HP shield and additional Projectile Resistance while it's active. The ability deactivates once the Hivus Boss decides to change to short range mode.
Ghast Boss uses Toxin Spit more often and uses Super Toxin Spit less often
Ghast Boss gains a new Mega Toxin Spit ability. Charges very slowly and only used when the Ghast Boss is trying to stay at long range. Will fire a single orb at target location with an 1 tile AOE Toxin effect
Slab Boss charge deals less damage to itself as it breaks through objects and increases the Slab Bosses projectile resistance while in the process of charging
Slab Boss damage to breakables increased to 6 from 5


Added in a new experimental weapon
Added in the Mace melee weapon
Uzi damage increased 2->3, long range accuracy decreased significantly
Increased Crossbow damage from 15->18
Slightly improved accuracy of M4A1 and M14
Swapped accuracy numbers of DBLSHOTGUN and Spas12 around, making Spas12 more accurate
Increased M82A1 (sniper rifle) damage from 55 to 56
Increased M14 damage output from 12 to 14, increased fire delay from 7 to 8, DPS slightly higher than previous
Increased Sledge Hammer damage 55->57
Reduced P90 damage per shot from 6 to 5, increased base accuracy 5%
Rocket Launcher autoaim will try to avoid hitting breakables and will also try to shoot in places that will damage as many zombies as possible
Plasma Cannon now auto-targets like the rocket launcher
Lowered the chance to inflict a stun with the Chainsaw by 50%
Lowered the chance to inflict a stun with the Sword by 25%


Added a low chance of snow occurring on Alpine
Added toggleable screen flash effect when hurt or healed
Added screen flash effect when revived
Added various settings to the difficulties for the new event system
Removed "Boss minimum HP Multiplier" option from difficulty system
Improved behaviour of fetching medals when offline or when unable to get connection to byond fast enough
Added basic controller support based on the Xbox 360 controller. L1 and R1 act as modifier buttons
Drop weapon command will try to drop the weapon without ammo as a priority
Added vest dispensor to top of Walls map
Hub scores enabled on non-official servers
Selling stacked black market items now sells 1 from its stack, instead of selling the entire stack
Zombies are allowed to walk on each other if they are both going to a different waypoint and aren't currently chasing a target

Meat decoy bind will try to use the dissect feat before trying to find a meat decoy to use
Added construct 92FS/Colt/Toggle Kamakaze and throw meat decoy binds
Added Close Menu keybinding, default escape key. If no menus are open will toggle between spec/join status
It is now possible to target zombies while reloading or actively shooting a weapon
Various visual effects have their mouse_opacity set to 0, to avoid misclicks

Map Editor:

Added giveschainsaw,givesmagnum,givesheavyrepeater,givesplasmacann on,givessoniccannon,givesexpander to weapon dispensor type


Server default FPS lowered from 30 to 20, client FPS fixed at 50
Human player and Zombie lifebars enabled by default

Help File:

Added info about the Mace
Added weapon base crit rate info
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