Anime Legends

by DarkNinjaNaut
Anime Legends
Heroes & Villains from all over clash in this Anime Sidescroller!
This game will be making a return once more. However I believe won't be keeping this game up 24/7 like usual though I would like to have a set date and time for all of us to play together again like the back of the days where we all just meet up, chill and play.

I understand lot people don't like the fact I left BYOND and left this game for good. And honestly, it was stressful for me to even be working on a game like this everyday back in the days. I wanted to relieve my self and enjoy other things as I did. Nevertheless I regretted that decision and I always had my fun around in BYOND, as I regularly look back the things that was going on and the memories that was stored around here.

Nevertheless, I don't expect me much working on this consistently. But I do want to get this game running again. Though I will be continuing my work I was doing in 2017 where I kinda wanted to change lot things about this game. I mean change everything from combat system to other things. I really disliked the simplicity of just melee/block/dodge. That kind of crap gets dull to me.

Anyhow, I'll be around.
Never give up!
Aye, It's gonna be lit.
been waiting for this game to come back
Been working on the game slowly. I'll be putting the game up for testing eventually whenever I get the right amount of characters for Remake release.
look Dark it's Me
Ayeeee Lit ass hell