BYOND Version:512
Operating System:Windows 10 Home
Web Browser:Firefox 66.0
Applies to:Dream Daemon
Status: Open

Issue hasn't been assigned a status value.
Descriptive Problem Summary:
Through freak happenstance, I appear to have placed the window at
window-pos -425x-400, I can't properly tell you how this happened, as it isn't something I remember doing intentionally.

Did the problem NOT occur in any earlier versions? If so, what was the last version that worked? (Visit to download old versions for testing.) According to this 2 year old reddit post, it's been a problem for a good while. dream_daemon_not_working/

Opening the file at documents/BYOND/Daemon.txt, editing the line "window-pos" and settting it to "window-pos 0x0" appears to work.

Suggested solution: Do not allow the position to be saved as something lower than "0x0" on single-monitor configurations.
Amendment: I have been informed that Dream Daemon's window shifts up every boot, and repeated starts can cause it to disappear.
I tested this and could not get the DD window to shift upwards on repeated runs. I wonder if some kind of window manager is interfering in some way.

But it is still a problem that the window can appear offscreen, regardless.
It's done it again, this time at "window-pos -32000x-32000
". Still can't determine the cause.