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This is an odd question, and not exactly one I know how to phrase well, and likely isn't feasible in any respect.

As I understand, BYOND runs in D3D9's 3d mode, which would hypothetically allow one to set an internal render resolution for the purpose of icon rotation, allowing for a much cleaner, less pixelated rotation for the purpose of said rotation. At a low resolution, the expected issues are to easily be found, but at a higher resolution (See: Not locked to world.size (?)), most of said rotation and scaling artifacts do not exist. This would allow for modern resolutions to really reap the benefits of this resolution.
That is what other game engines do by default. It's actually more work to render to a small resolution and scale it up than it is to render to the actual resolution.

So I don't think it's an odd request.

That said, I'm not a huge fan of the art style you get treating pixels as squares that can be rotated individually. It just feels really fake, like how Minecraft was followed by a bunch of clones claiming to use "voxel/pixel art" style in 3D as if squares and cubes are actually what the pixels and voxels represent. They're really just points on a 2D or 3D grid; the nearest-neighbor algorithm is what fills in the squares and cubes with the color of the point, but it's only one interpolation method out of many.