Applies to:DM Language
Status: Open

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The suggestion is simple, but i don't know if its feasible.

I suggest a new vis_flag, to make an object on vis_content act as a overlay/underlay and don't inherit the, pixel_x,y,z,w offsets.

It would help a ton on giving objects the sense of elevation.


Yellow box, has his pixel_y or z = 0, and a shadow on his vis_contets acting like a underlay.

If i increase the pixel_y or 0 on the yellow box, the shadow underlay will stay on the same place, ignoring the parent offset.
It's probably feasible but I don't think it'd realistically be any better than simply using the negative value. The only use case I can see for this is when you want to reset pixel_z but you'd probably want to reset that alone.
Hm, i see. No problem, thanks for the fast reply !