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I know that the vast majority of the games here doesn't use Mysql to save or load his data but on my game i'm using Tom/Nadrew library and sometimes even with simple querys and connections, the server freezes awaiting for the response, and to be honest it's a little frustrating...

I've read a lot about multi threading on the forum, and on almost 99% of the topics it is classified as "Not feasible", but having just the querys to work on another thread is not feasible too ?

I've read about non-blocking operations on MariaDB, but i would need to read a lot more in order to get the knowledge to apply and see if it works on DM the way it is now. Another thing that i was thinking is the possibility to call async querys using javascript and node.js but i don't know if it would work too.

So is that a possibility or i will need to find a workaroud method ??

Thanks anyway for the great work, and take care of yourselfs !!
Using node you will probably get the behavior you desire but you should not need to use javascript promises to accomplish this unless you are doing other things in the browser as well.

I would think utilizing a database you are hoping to store playerdata centrally on some webserver--we are already capable of this using world.Topic().

I would think it would be a breeze (if db support was baked in) to spawn a process that utilizes a callback upon completion but actually, you can do that yourself now.
I think it might potentially be possible to spawn off db calls on a separate thread. The main thing is, I'd have to add sleep and restore functionality to all the built-in calls, which is not necessarily the simplest thing. Then I'd have to test it, which is way less simple since none of my projects use this functionality.
To all built-in calls? That sounds like quite the undertaking.

@Tacurumin: SpaceManiac has done some development that may be helpful to you for now.
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I can imagine...
Anyway, if you find that doing this will not only benefit me, but future or another actual developers, i will be more than pleased to send you a test project.
But if you find that working in this today will not represent a real benefit for the engine and choose to focus on another things, theres no problem too.
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Thanks you so much for the help Major, i will definitely take a look !!

Either way i'm working on a .dll to make the async calls, maybe i can get it to work as i wanted.