Ninjas Roleplay Generation

by Ninjas Generation
A fantasy roleplay/pvp game based on the Narutoverse.
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Hey there, everybody! I'm here to rope in people who love to write, create characters, and pool their creativity into a world into making a story unravel in real time! You can make your own character and have any effect on the world you please with some effort and of course, what brings everybody together on here, role play.

We're a Naruto verse stylized role play game that follows a unique storyboard crafted by the players and our dedicated staff. You can thrust yourself into the world as a genin, civilian or even as a criminal. Choose to lurk the dark warrens of a rogue's path or become a dedicated ninja your village and fight tooth and nail, loyal till the end, or even become a traveling merchant - make your own village, make your own towns! There's infinite possibilities and no limitation to what you want to be or to what you want to do. You define your character as you play and progress through the game with your actions; you'll face many tribulations and situations, but all in spirited fun meant to immerse you within our world. We reward people who take their time to make the game feel alive and vivid: the world is your oyster.