Dragon Universe

by Lizard_Sphere_Z
A limitless sandbox— with roots derived from the classic hit series: 'Dragon Ball Z'— the game is a blend of high-paced combat and strategic maneuvering.
mid game and mid owner
In response to GenesisGamer
GenesisGamer wrote:
mid game and mid owner

Nice false statements as opposed to the earlier post you deleted, still there btw. Kept up by my reply to it.
you are gay yes
Nutt on his face, grahh grahh!!
New owner is a scam artist.
Fun Game
delete my post again, lol.

vapid shell of what it once was. just like nff all it does is make passive income. owner's a pos and will probably never take it seriously, also cokehead. he's socially underdeveloped just like his friend group and by extension the new community is too.

owners being shut-in incels with no big plans has always plagued this game. players are never truly encouraged to icon or work on the game, because owners have always been scared of people and no decent bond is formed, especially now that the owner is openly so degenerate. current owner also ddoses people (still) for the pretense that it's not him and you need to pay $30 to host a server. on byond. this is obviously a lie, EXGenesis is not a boogyman that checks for servers to ddos every day. this has never been the solution anyways and is obviously a disgusting scam.

anyone huffing copium and desperately always being online during a wipe to try and have fun, please touch a woman. quit gambling your time. this game will never not be pay-to-win again. plus, people 8 years ago had better icons than you, drones worked and the owner didn't give the code to a scam artist yet. i am truly sorry to new players who think the concept is cool, but the peak is long gone and something better will eventually come.

pine real (seriak), you're asian and like 3 years younger than me. be quiet. this game sucks stop kissing the retard's boot. any new skills are copy & paste code from nff or a cliché number-changing transformation. more ptw. pay to host. wake up. same goes for all the boomers who know who owns this game but still give him money. the like, 3 of you. anyways this is the first time i've commented on this game in like 6 years, so give me a break.

but seriously, nite's favorite music is uk drill. for christ's sake.

he's dead, Jim.
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