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Not bad =P try to make it like Human body =D
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Yeah that makes no sense at all
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Ya Diggg wrote:
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Well i remade it for you...maybe you want to see at how it should be:

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no offense but that looks worse then mine -.-
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in my opinion it looks kinda stiff....lower the shoulders some at more of a downward angle....also lower the arms a few pixels, hands should end 1/4 to 1/2 way down the thigh.....that's all i got for now...might update this post later w/ an example just skimming through right now.
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You used the same legs and feet for both stances, don't get lazy Jon =p
To be quite honest, the structure and shading are very bad.
Now, I'm no artist but here's a quick edit showing how I would do the structure and the general ideal of how I would shade it:

But please, do not use Etsukurenay's edit.

Notice how I changed it so that his lower abdominal area isn't abnormal.
The perspective of the head, especially the eyes are changed.
I deleted your arms completely and made my own.
I edited your legs a bit, as well as the crotch/hip area.
I changed the palette to my personal palette that I use quite frequently. I don't know about anyone else, but it's easier on the eyes for me.
I'm not saying take it and use it. I'm saying use it as a rough draft, outline or example.
You should really Google/Yahoo/Ask/Bing search for "Human Body" or "Male Body" or whatever.
I throw this picture to people who have trouble getting the structure down: male-low-body-fat1.jpg .
Etsukurenay ignored my advice on structure in one of his earlier posts.
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hm Thank you