Astral Stigma

by Mana Production
Astral Stigma
"Rebel and seek the truth of this world."
'Sup everyone, here to give a list of updates that happened past months that were worked in the shadows.

January 2021 - ver.0.22 Update Log

Battle System - Updated!
IP System: It has been updated to be a bit slower to allow time for players to plan carefully their next moves. Command Actions has been reworked.
Battlefield System: Recently added new battlefield with specified number of tiles, which would allow in the future different type of mechanics in some battles.

General System - Updated!
Chat System: It has been updated, the chat bubble shouldn't be breaking anymore when it has been updated with a new comment from said player. Also featuring Characters' Face in the chat with emotes to allow players to describe their characters' feeling. By doing a face emote, type "*emote_name* [chat]"

Emotes: normal | guilt | hurt | smile | happy | sleep | assured | sigh | angry | blush | pout | ready | confident | suspect | Ssurprised | worried

UI font: UI Font had been updated to look a bit more clear.

February 2021 - ver.0.25-26 Update Log

New Character AI: Ryneth Homa
Ryneth is an AI party member that is basically the party's Fighter. He could provide healing and buffs of low-mid tier, but his main force relies on his physical prowess and defense with a high HP pool.

Battle System - Updated!
Characters In Battle: In battle, player characters and AI party members be shouting their intended action to let the players knows, which would allow better strategies between players and better planning for solo players. AI party members also showing some personalities of their own in battle while shouting their moves.

Commands Action - Updated!
Physical Command Actions: Now fighters move away from their targets after attacking them but in a safe distance to be close.
Critical - Command Action: Critical Cancel only fully reset the fighter's target's IP if their ACT (Action in Red Bar) is past 50%, else it will revert the target's IP to between 26% ~ 50%, allowing a faster regain of their lost turn.
Magical Command Actions: Magics has a slower casting time so it would give a chance for a critical cancel if possible. / Also, spells have different types of targetting. Removing the Al/Ma type of spells for a less bloated menu. Making all the spells have some usefulness regardless of tier. Characters that are compatible with some elements gains 50 more potency than other characters on the same casted spell's potency. (Like Fei with Fire element, Luna with Ice Element)

March 2021 - ver.0.30 Update Log

Battle System - Updated!
Target System: When targeting a fighter with an AoE Command Action, it will show red tiles to show the CA's range and blue tiles to show which other fighters is in range of the CA.
AoE Command Actions: AoE CAs now follows types of targets like Spread (Width x Height) and Line (1 x Height, Width x 1). More will be added in future updates.

Commands Action - Updated!
Description has been updated for Command Actions to give more details and has a different font to put contrast on details.