Applies to:DM Language
Status: Open

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/client/MouseDrag(over_object,src_location,over_location,src_ control,over_control,params)
does not proc when dragging over black tiles (AKA tiles the client cannot see). It doesn't proc either when dragging from a visible tile to a dark one

This is especially weird since

/client/MouseDown(atom/object, turf/location, control, params)
procs without any issue when clicking a dark tile, with object being a /obj/screen/click_catcher.

It would be nice to be able to catch when the client is dragging over black tiles

click_catcher is not built-in. That's part of SS13's code.
In response to Exxion
That's true.
Still, it is possible to override a click on a black tile, but it is not possible to catch a mousedrag.