Event Apr 3 2021, 12:00 am
to Apr 5 2021, 12:00 pm
Hey guys, Kz here again, i did one of thies a couple years ago and i figured why not again. I'll be giving away (2) 1 Year Memberships, All you gotta do is reply to this post by Monday 12:00 am and i'll pick 2 people at random. Happy Easter to you all and i hope to see alot of Posts :)
Hey dude Happy Easter!
Awesome :D
Give me free stuff!
Why not to participate :)
Thanks for supporting byond, man!
Yo Zelda, thanks for supporting BYOND as usual. Happy Easter and good luck with whatever it is you do. Also, do not pick me. You know me and my rather inconsistent interest pertaining BYOND and subpar RP capabilities.
Well well o.o here i am
Thank you.
NSBR and Mdmstatu have won the giveaway, Thanks again for joining, i will see you all next year for another event. take care.
ezy pizy lemon sqzy
dang Im late D: