by Magicbeast20
An online RPG experience.

v1.2 can now be played on the dedicated testing server. I've created the first two Clans called Bone Manipulator and Stormcaster, and their respective names basically sum up their abilities. Talking to the Clan Leaders as a Student will result in the player being turned away, as well if you attempt to talk to the wrong Clan Leader. After being promoted to the Rank of Apprentice; players can speak to their respective Clan Leader to obtain a new Skillcard.

The Water Village has also been added, and inside the Hospital you can find a NPC named 'Wes Welker'; which will provide players with a new quest! The quest 'The Water Walker' is the first in a series of small quests the players will be able to complete. After completing the first task players' Quest Log will be updated (In case you stop the quest midway, then go back to try to complete; you will have some indication of what to do now.).

There's only one noticeable bug; which is hair removal when attempting to equip a Bandana. However, I figured this wasn't a game stopping bug and decided to go ahead and release this version.

Also, clan houses are NOT village specific. All villages have access to individual clan houses.

- FIXED Weapons shop inaccessible
- FIXED Players frozen after being promoted to Apprentice
- FIXED Smoothened Login transition fade
- FIXED Runtime errors with Clone Skill
- ADDED Player location inside statpanel
(includes individual map_z names)
- ADDED Subscription detection
- ADDED Village 'Water Village'
- ADDED Character preview when creating a new character
(Rough draft, probably not finalized)
- ADDED Clan 'Bone Manipulator'
(Clan members gain access to skill as an Apprentice)
(Speak to the Clan Leader for more information)
- ADDED Clan 'Stormcaster'
(Clan members also gain access to a skill once promoted to an Apprentice)
- ADDED Quest 'The Water Walker'
(Quest Log will update as player completes quest!)
(Must be an Apprentice to start this Quest)
This will be the start to a series of quests!
- ADDED Skillcard 'Water Walk'
(Can be earned through completing a Quest inside the Water Village ONLY)
- CHANGED 'Dagganoth' renamed to 'Black Challenger'
- REMOVED 'F' key for GetTarget

BUG - Hair not removed upon Bandana wearing
- Actually damage players on some skills/features. Currently just outputting "Damage detected" for testing