"We're all broke and no body recovers until we look at eachother & realize we're all brothers."
In response to Popisfizzy
"We only dedicate one day to remember our fallen soldiers
The men and women who died young
But if you come out the closet as Caitlyn Jenner
You're a hero and you get a whole pride month"

"If being true to myself means that I'll lose their respect
Then I'll stand my ground like both my feet are stuck in cement
I was raised to keep my feelings, thoughts, and words all consistent
If you're censoring your heart, then what's the reason for living?
I don't need their approval to validate my position
And I don't need to be accepted, never asked for permission
They attacked me from behind and tried to silence the vision
Tried to kill me with fire, and from the ashes, I've risen
My motivation won't expire, I don't get tired, I get driven
If they don't like it, then they're not required to comment and listen
They just hide behind their keyboards, tryna find the ambition
To go make something of their life while they die for attention"

"They poppin' Xanax to party, a party's not what I call it
I call it drug-addicted rappers if I'm perfectly honest
I call it numbin' of the pain of bein' chained to the bottom
Of a ship that's sinkin' quick inside a Promethazine bottle
They say it's lit, but it's really just a sickness that they swallow
And they can't mold me, they can't change me, 'cause I'll only use to save me
And I'll stay me 'til they hate me, or the pressure drive me crazy
I've been medicated, hated myself, and couldn't escape it
Now I face what I'm afraid of, embrace all the confrontation
While my name keep comin' up in all the same conversations
"He's pathetic, he's a racist, he's a vulture, man, I hate him"
"I don't get it, he's so basic, and the culture should replace him"
"I'ma take him off the playlist" and I just laugh while they complainin'"
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