"I love the Earth, but I don't really wanna save it
Classifying people by their sex and race degrades 'em
But we still say straight white males are the worst of our population
Guess the labels are okay if they're Caucasian
Our kids are living in their rooms, I swear we barely ever see 'em
"Go outside sometime, there's fresh air you could be breathing"
Put your phones down, play sports, do something illegal
"Go and meet your families, they're probably nice people"
These days you're a Nazi if you don't hate the police
They say that white folks think all Asian people are Chinese
I'm sorry, what kinda white people you mean?
English? Scottish? German? Swedish? Or Greek?
And Black Lives Matter was problematic
It excludes anyone without the pigment, it's automatic
I understand all the reasons it happened
But includin' all humans is the actual answer"

"If you lie to the government, they'll put you in prison
But when they lie to all of us, it's called being a politician
You think taking guns away will save our kids from the killings
But your pro-choice abortion kills way more children
If America's so terrible and racist
It probably isn't safe to encourage immigration, just saying
All the contradictions are embarrassing
You know who hates America the most? Americans
Trigger warnings used to be on TV for seizures
And now they're everywhere to protect millennials' feelings
He, she, his, him, hers, them, they
Screw a pronoun, 'cause everyone's a retard these days
I hear 'em preaching at a protest that hatred's the problem
But hating straight men, white folks, and Christians is common
Coca Cola telling people they should be less white
They preaching tolerance but if you disagree, they fight
There's a race war here, elections based on fear
Black lives only matter once every four years
Soldiers died for this country and every one of us benefits
Give welfare to the bums and forget about the veterans
Black folks and white folks divided by the news
But we're all the same, we are red, white, and blue
Ashamed to be American? Okay, that's cool
'Cause honestly, we are all ashamed of you too"


"If they're going to push their beliefs on kids, Then I'm bout to push mine."

"Went to a party;
Everybody stood around,
Thinking, “Hey, what’s she doing
With a burned out hippie clown?”

Young dudes were grinning;
I can’t say it didn’t sting.
Some punk said, “Pops, you better
Hold on to that slinky thing.
Hold on to that slinky thing.”

also, hi guys <3

"You've said enough for both of us, so don't try to deny it
And some things are better left unsaid, but I can't keep this quiet
Well I'm not one to hold a grudge and hide it from the surface
Cause every single thing I've ever held against you has a purpose
You're good at starting problems for the hell of it
But our difference is that I don't use my past to make me feel relevant"

"Well, who the hell gave you the right to tell me how to live my life?
And when you said enough is enough
I fought to keep going when the going get tough
You might think you've got me tricked, but you're not hard to see through
So let me make this clear, don't bite the hand that feeds you"

"But my bad, I forgot you were fragile
I forgot someone who doesn't even know me told you I'm an asshole
I forgot that I'm a villain
I forgot that I've always spread positivity, but you think I didn't
I forgot that hatred stems from people who hate their own existence
I forgot I'm better off alone
I forgot I care for everyone's happiness, but forget about my own
I forget I spend every waking second on my phone-
Come join my circus, I'm recruiting
I'm taking everyone who passes judgement
Bitch, that's including everyone who thinks it's so amusing
To put me down while I'm pursuing
The keyboard warriors that live online
Behind a screen that's just an illusion
Come, come, come, come join my circus
You fucking pricks
I'll fuck you till you love me, then pay you to do some tricks
I don't need a doctor, I need a bag of nails and bricks
To lay down on the floor
So if you fail to land a flip you can feel what I felt
When you tried to come sink my ship"

"Stop comparing me to people who are not in my league
Stop saying I don't believe in God just because you can't read
Stop making fake profiles so you can spam my feed
I'm not alone, I know there's millions out there just like me"

"It's wild that Slim needed to talk about killing his wife and pushing pregnant women downstairs in order to upset the masses. Now, Tom MacDonald says "Not all republicans are racist" and the world goes crazy lol"

"A flower illustrated in bloom
Floating on a wisp of consciousness
She rides innocently down the river to
The place where the light lives
And shrugs off enchantment with a sigh
Dreaming from the first moment of her life
Unheard songs bathed in silver ring out as
Morning rolls into the endless"

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