"'Cause not a single one of you motherfuckers impress me
And maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but I'm full of innovation
And I'm tired of all of this high school, "He's cool, he's not" rap shit
Can a single one of you motherfuckers even rap? Shit"

"I can barely breathe all the air I need
Oxygen is very thin at the top
I can rarely sleep, stars I'm underneath
Shining too bright and I can't turn 'em off
I'm high as the birds now
Flying too close to the sun, got a burn, wow
I been turning up, and I ain't turning down
Maybe I should chill, but I ain't learning how"

"I'm the most successful guy to hold a pencil
I've been great for so long, I'm bored of flexing
I became the machine made of iron, check inside
Peel the skin off and let the metal shine
I've been the greatest for so fucking long
It feels normal for me to be special
So much clout, I could buy back the souls of these rappers
That sold 'em for cash to the devil"

"If they're sleeping on me, I ain't tryna rest
Hope they die in their sleep while I climb to the peak
And their eyes never see all the heights that I reach
I deserve it 'cause I took the stairs to the moon
I might die from exhaustion but I like the view"

"I'm not afraid, take my face and my name, paste it on the front page
I'm already famous, and you'll never change it by hating or claiming you'll take it away
My grind wicked, write my rhymes different, you could try to quantify the fine limits
There's a dying gimmick, can't deny I'm winning, this is pure fire, this ain't white privilege"

"Acres full of sheep, you know that I'm the only G.O.A.T., I'm great
They spoke my name to mostly hate, I don't complain, I'm woke, I wait
A total focused soldier, wrote the Art of War, know every page
I'm numb to all the dumbness, smoke tobacco laced with Novocaine
I won't behave, I stoke the flames, I'll choke they throats with golden chains
Use vocal cords as skipping ropes and jump till I am soaked in brains
From open plains to coastal waves, to solar rays in open space
Can't find nobody doper 'less you poke your veins and snort cocaine"


"Why do you keep talking 'bout me?
Everything's been said
All that hate, it isn't healthy
You might end up dead"

"They say I'm that MAGA rapper
Ain't no capping bible-thumping every chapter
Bought a MAGA chain and bought an AR for the chain snatchers
Offending everybody, ay, like it was my hobby
And they hate me cuz I drive them crazy call me Ricky Bobby

There ain't no such thing as trans
You can't change genders, are you crazy?
You can can cut your penis off
But you still can't have no baby

You can take testosterone pills
But you still can't produce semen
Welcome to Gender Studies class
That y'all are taking for no reason

Send your kids to college just for them to be indoctrinated
Then they come out fat with green hair
Them degrees are overrated

Look, I'm just being real
Regardless of how you feel
Homeschool your kids
Make sure they read their bibles and you teach them skills"

"Hey, y'all think its cool to take drugs
It is popular to be depressed
So people have pity parties, disguise it as mental health
Then go to a therapist instead of handling it themselves
Then they end up hooked up on pills and so is everyone else"

"Daisy, red daisy,
Growin' on a hill;
sunshine fallin' on her petals so fine"

"I don't really know if she knows or not,
but i left some things in her jewelry box;
and she's wearing out my rings, taking the compliments meant for me;
and although i think i'll miss them; at least there's still proof of my existence,
a captive little soldier on her fingers;
deep behind enemy lines."

So good I gotta post it twice.

I keep em guessing where I lay tho 8)

"Look at the sky, look at the doctor, look at the bank
Look at the law, look at the shit that you got on your plate
I think they misleading us, and people with power are devious, yup
I look at the screen and it's, media trying to make me believe in it
They don't care about our feelings, 1%'s try and kills us
Putting poison in our dinners but it donít really hurt my feelings
They don't give a fuck about us, comfortable up in their office
Wanna see us dead and never prosperous (True)"

"They want me in my grave, but not today, not today
They want me locked away, but not today, not today
They want me in a cage, but not today, not today
They want me in my grave, in my grave
Imma tell em, Iím tryna lay low, underground
Sittin' back and watch the world go around
Iím tryna lay low, underground
But they wanna see my body on the ground"
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