It's been a bit crazy this week, but progress continues. I was determined to get a new maintenance release out this week, so some of the time had to be spent on investigating bugs in 514. There is at least one outstanding issue with mouse macros, but it's a minor one and can wait for the next release. The bug fixes had been piling up for some time already though, so it was definitely time to get that out. Unfortunately as sometimes happens, a minor reorg I made while addressing another bug report came back to bite me in the butt, which is why there were two releases yesterday.

The map editor code is in a weird transitional state right now, which actually isn't much different from what's been going up with it for a while; this is just in a different transitional state. I found I was unhappy with the code I was using to track the visual bounds of each tile, and needed to redo that, so I'm in the middle of that change now. I had the main view working, but I really need to get the overall world-level view working that shows the entire Z level, so that was a major motivation for this change.

Toward that end, I also made some more hooks into the display code to give me more control over temporary surfaces. I'm going to need this for the world view because that will still be done in sections. The way it's done now is that a piece of map is drawn at a time, via the crappy ImageList draw mechanism, and copied over with a scale-down, so the new approach will be similar but with a better renderer. However I also need this change to the display code for GetFlatIcon(), as the SS13 folks call it, since one overarching goal of all this is to finally, finally ditch the ImageLists for everything: including menus and statpanel controls, even though that's still a ways off.

Essentially a big part of the map editor rework is also to satisfy some other longstanding feature requests. And if I can at any point ditch the software renderer for good, we'll be in excellent shape for more advanced stuff down the road.

My sincere thanks to everyone who's supported BYOND recently, whether through Membership or our other donation channels. The fundometer is doing a smidge better this month and I'm grateful to you all.

Fall has officially here, and it brought all the rain with it. Funny, I thought we used it all up this summer. As a bonus, it's cold today too. So it seems blanket season is upon us, but blanket season is BYOND season so I guess I'm cool with it. Cozy up and mak gam. I'll see you next week.
Excited over the map editor reworking, hopefully we can get the mythical fill tool.
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Kozuma3 wrote:
Excited over the map editor reworking, hopefully we can get the mythical fill tool.

Fingers crossed

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