Somehow I always find myself coming back here. I mean I've moved onto building WoW/Runescape/GTA/RDR private servers, and still I find myself coming back to my first love, a 2D dream making engine..

This time I return with another new project, a slice of life rp. Following Ex's success with SS13, it inspired me to continue with a project I've dreamed of my entire life even as a child. The best, the biggest, the most complex, entertaining, realistic, free roam slice of life roleplay game!

So far the blueprint consists of;

-A free-roam based game based on certain era's/time-periods of Earth.(varies via Start of wipe.)

-Four major continents to start/spawn in(Antartica, Asia, Africa, Oceania) the other continents must be discovered and founded via in-game protocol.

-Much like seen in Civ, a generational period in which new aspects of life start to unlock. For eg; Tribes evolving to Clans, evolving to cults, evolving to gangs, evolving to armies and militaries - and groups evolving into cults, evolving into parties, evolving into politics, evolving into a government, evolving into a democracy/etc.

-Activities will change for each time period, or take on a new name. For example, a way to make funds in B.C would probably be selling minerals, working slave-jobs, pirating, etc.. as in AD or the year 2000s you can rob banks, rob people, sell drugs, sell guns, sell anything, build companies, etc.

-Much like seen in Sims, you will take on real life normality's, like being hungry, thirsty, tired, stressed. You may find a partner, mate, have kids, may have to enlist them in school, if you're a kid you'll have to enlist in school. Things like that.

There's still a bunch of ideas dancing around, and I know I'm probably not the best descriptive writer or the best person to use to give you guys a "reading visual" but hopefully you get the jif.

As of 9/25/21 , There's barely a foundation setup dev-wise, only just a login-creation screen. Feel free to jump into the discord for any updates.



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