Hello, readers! A late edition of Within BYOND greets you today due to some personal issues. I had a bit of a brush with COVID-19 at my workplace, but I've since tested negative and am back to ensuring I'm up to date on what you lovely developers have been up to! Fall has breezed in and I can't be more excited about my favorite season making itself known. Let's check out the latest and greatest from our developers as the winds grow colder and night comes sooner!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR has been hard at work over the course of the last couple of months! While 514's launch to stable took awhile to kick out the door, Lummox was bouncing between bugfixes and a new feature, pointers. Lummox has wanted reference types for a long time, and now they're possible! Once 514 made it to stable, Lummox had to contend with a myriad of animation issues due to a recent fix going haywire. A few releases later they finally calmed down, and Lummox celebrated his 20th BYONDiversary! Spurred by high spirits and popular demand, Lummox has started investigating ideas for BYOND-related merchandise, which should be a lot of fun to dive into when it's available! 515 is bringing with it some big changes to the map editor, potentially allowing for advanced features like simulating plane masters and render targets on developers' screens without running the game. Map editor updates are sorely due, so I'm quite happy to hear that it's getting deserved attention!

BYOND Games Fighting the frightful freaks that flood your fort feels fantastic in FEED! Kumorii has recently celebrated FEED's 10th birthday and has leaked his latest work on (not)FEED! While Kumorii doesn't yet have a beta release date, he has made his work on (not)FEED quite transparent, and his most recent changes that implement some lighting effects have been most impressive. The dark ambience lit up by gunfire and explosions has an amazing feel to it that's perfect for Fall season. Kumorii details all of his recent development work in the BYONDiscord, so stop on by if you'd like to stay up to date on the latest he's got to offer! Bravo1 has been focusing on ambience and minigames in Dark Star! Throughout the game, control panels directly manipulate your environment. These panels decide how air flows, whether artificial gravity is enabled, and where electricity is directed. Sometimes these panels are broken and require manual repair by the player. In an effort to make that process immersive and interesting, Bravo1 has implemented various minigames, the most recent of which is for the air flow control panel. The player has access to various torches to repair the pipes for each specific gas in the panel, and is tasked with using the correct torch for each pipe rupture. While not overly challenging, these minigames add to the feel that Dark Star's trying to achieve, and are a welcome (and visually impressive!) addition to the game. Following a period of downtime to focus on development, Azusa RP Online is returning on October 3rd! The most noticeable improvements are to the UI, doing away with deprecated controls and attempting to tidy up areas that have become old and dusty. Another focus was on quality of life changes, and to that end the travel system has been improved to allow simple click-to-move control, which frees you up to perform other actions like chat while you wait to arrive at your next destination. "Dead-end" areas in the world have become more rich with activity, such as enemy patrols and resource gathering locations. Inutaishos plans for even more changes before release on October 3rd, so keep your eyes peeled for more content!

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