by Kumorii
The classic action/survival shooter!

Howdy, Feeders!

I hope you've been well and staying safe! I've been hard at work on (not)FEED! A lot of time has been spent on atmospherics and dialing in the controls (keyboard and controller support!). Additionally, there's been a few minor rebalancings to weapons, as reloading is now functional; meaning that guns now consume ammo! Lighting and filter effects have also been abused to properly catch that arcade aesthetic!

Not only that: a brand new hazard type has been introduced! Acid Hazards are a brand new addition to this iteration of FEED. Puddles of acid will deal DPS to anything(s) standing in it, while also slowing down movement! Be careful around those green barrels..! Reflections are now drawn by various assets: showing in puddles of blood and acid! Might not seem like much; but it adds a lot of depth to the game.

Dismemberment has been made a bigger penalty that's mildly harder to cure. Players can no longer use medkits to repair dismembered limbs. Instead limbs can now only be repaired by interacting with a Medcrate or dying. Medkits will now only restore 50% of max hp and cure status conditions: they will not repair dismemberment.

To balance this, I've made dismemberment much less likely from all potential limb-snatchers. . . However..

Crawlers have returned and not only are they still faster than standard Feeders, but they have a higher chance of dismembering limbs! Caution and maintaining distance are advised when engaging Crawlers..!

I'm still on track to have a single-player gameplay demo available by Halloween, but if you want to see a sneek peek and get a little official FEED lore; check out the devclip below! I've been putting a lot of time and energy into this project and i'm quite proud of it! I look forward to where we go from here and I appreciate the support and encouragement I've received from folks! BYOND deserves more ambitious projects that can show off it's potential. I hope my efforts inspire and motivate some of you out there!

Want to follow development more closely, see technical banter, and even get involved with the project?
If so, then check out the #not-feed channel in BYONDiscord!

I put a lot of time into this project. If you appreciate my efforts and want to support FEED's development, consider contributing your pocket change for my coffee fund! Every cent means a lot!

Until next time!!
-kumo / clouddspiderr
Explosive Rounds, Armor-Piercing Rounds, Acid Rounds? Rounds that on impact teleport the object struck far enough into the sky that when they land they take fall damage, could allow you to run under them while they're in the air.

Homing rounds would be pretty sweet.