So lately i've been having an issue where I can open byond, but it will always stay open on the "loading game information" screen, and never goes past it, I was only able to fix it by reinstalling, but I would like a fix that doesn't require reinstalling it every time I reopen byond, this isnt a new issue exactly, as before I would have to close byond with task manager a few times before it opened correctly, but not even that works. something else thats maybe related, but when I reinstall byond, it asks if I want to transfer files (or something like that) from [ ] to [null] (yes the first thing is just shown as nothing), which I think happened after I had accidentally deleted the folder, although all the files seem to be fine, I'm not sure what its trying to do
Also, to elaborate on what im seeing when i install byond, here's an image
nevermind, it kept installing into an old byond folder i dont use, i have no idea how i didnt notice that until now.