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So I was playing the game like normal after a stable update happened then a huge lag crash took me down I tried to reconnect and it said that some type of file or thing was missing sorry didn't get the code for the error wrote down it just said id need to redownload it so i tried that and windows defender blocked it i downloaded it opened it and every thing but it errored out saying can't make start menu thing deleted its self and crashed tried that again but i couldn't download it in palce just downloaded it saying i don't have enough permissions as you know the admin and i would need admin to give permissions for certain things tried running as admin with out start menu thing and still crashed tried open old one but files gone tried downloading older version and same error as the newer ones please help my byonds completly gone it's in the defender as allowed twice two of them exsist and i even tried removing the files and resetting comput and still can't redonalowd byond windows version.
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You need to tell Windows Defender this was a false positive and reinstall.
I'd love if that had happened i told it to allow many times but every time it tried to make a start menu thing or even if didn't add that and tried it would crash instently I got a little help and downloaded a really old version and had to go into each and every aplication in the bin and hit allow and then started it and it finally works now but i'm kinda spooked to update since that new update had broken after time and caused all this problems.
There should be a place to report a false positive. You need to do that for the files that got pulled into quarantine.